5 Tips For Changing Car Tires

5 Tips For Changing Car Tires

It’s interesting why people fail to recognize the importance of tires in their car. If you don’t give it a second thought tires are just tires, all that is important is that they are in place. But that’s not true, since tires are your car’s only contact with the road and they define the performance of your car in different conditions. That’s why it’s never a good idea to overlook your tires and their specific characteristics.

Here’s a list of simple things to consider when thinking about tires:

– When possible, buy the same tires as the previous ones. This means if you’re choosing tires, buy the same size and a type that you’re sure fits your car. However if you’re choosing tires for the first time , or for a specific season or condition, this tip is hard to apply, take a look below

– Be really mindful of the size of your car tires. This means that you should check your car or SUV’s manual for the proper size. If you lost your manual or got your car without it, check the manufacturer’s website, they usually have an electronic copy available, uploading such information is common practice nowadays. If you’re looking for more tips, car tire Auburn has it for you.

– Know your budget – there will always be one more expensive, and possibly better tire, but don’t jump at the idea of buying it. Do some research first, ask around, check with friends and people you know, gather some ideas and then , do some research on the Internet and when you have formed an opinion, buy your tires.- Keep in mind the conditions in which you’re going to drive your car. For example, if you plan on driving it during the winter, buy winter tires. They’re optimized for performance on ice, they are made in a way that drains snow, ice and slush. If you plan on driving during the summer, buy summer tires and so on.

– Never , absolutely never, buy only two tires. If you plan on changing your tires, always change the full set. Some people might try to convince you that if you have 2 winter tires and 2 all-season tires , that’s enough for safety and stability. That is totally incorrect, since if you do that, 2 parts of your car are going to behave differently and that’s even more likely to cause handling issues and skidding. Choosing and buying tires isn’t rocket science , but it’s always a good idea to be prepared and to know what you’re doing. So follow these tips and check out some additional information and you’ll be prepared for that when it happens.

Ursula Olson